Our starting point: the trust in our Company and its Products, a parcel waited for a few months and the expectation everything inside is absolutely perfect


Removing any potential obstacle about building complexity and a few hours in the workshop, was our goal. And if you do not feel confident to proceed yet or do not have time to finish your glider, we can do it for you


We are working constantly to develop reliable and exciting gliders, able to satisfy the most demanding pilots, as well as enthusiasts approaching medium-large models for the first time


Our close collaboration with Tomahawk Aviation allows us not only to have their gliders available but also to industrialize our own projects developed internally at KB3Aero. The ASK-13R is the first result of this successful partnership!




Cesare Sarti

“..fly, observe, land, trim.. fly, observe, land, trim.. searching for the perfect model is a never ending story..”

Michele Mancini

“..looking at the sky, observing the wind signals and trying to understand where I can find a thermal.. then it’s time to launch.. probably when you can’t see any gliders flying yet..”

Alberto Ferraroni

“I was still watching the ribbed wings being built in wood, when I realized that studying engineering would have been the right way to understand the meaning of all formulas I was looking at in model aircrafts makers‘ workshops who taught me..”