On the manufacturer’s website of this wonderful two-seater acrobatic glider today still in production, there are two things particularly interesting: the first one, how its design is a merge between the experiences done on Kobuz, Jantar and Swift S-1; the second one, first prototype test date: 1993. Since then, this glider has won many medals both at the European and World Championships.
The 1:3 scale model was created mainly for acrobatic competitions where it immediately collected very positive results. This absolutely does not preclude a nonprofessional use thanks to its flight and dynamics resulting always balanced, predictable and never critical even for those model aircrafts makers, approaching this size of gliders for the first time.

Wise utilization
of composites

Fox design and development were based on molds of the well-known Rosenthal scale glider. Fuselage has been kept in its original design, applying more innovative and modern full composite technologies. Wings have been redesigned, moving from a classic wood construction structure to one in fiberglass plus carbon reinforcements in all the most critical parts.

Assembly stage

All rudders are already assembled, together with their relative control horns. Cockpit and hood are finished are completely finished, providing a realistic side opening of the latter. Central landing gear and tail wheel (already installed) are also included in the kit as well as a wide range of accessories needed to complete the FOX.


FOX can be ordered in full white version or three Tomahawk Aviation liveries are available in red/black, yellow/black and petroleum/anthracite, respectively (in-mold painting).

Servo kit

Two servo kits are available: the first one is full KST branded and  consists in two X15-1208 for ailerons, three BLS 915 for flaps and rudder and one BLS 825 for the elevator. The second one includes two KST X15-1208 for ailerons and four powerful Hitec servos for flaps, rudder and elevator. Servo installation service available on request including the release system for aerotow.


Premium quality bags produced by Revoc, our partner and European leader in the field of wing and fuselage bags. They can be ordered in cordura (a highly resistant to impact and scratching and partially water-repellent fabric) rather than alu reflective fabric. Both versions are distinguished by the KB3Aero and Tomahawk logos.

NB: pictures refer to Tomahawk Aviation bags. The customized KB3Aero ones are blue, with red borders


The drive system kit, properly designed to allow autonomous take-off from the ground, includes Torcman 530-35 engine combined with the well-known Fes-Ex Uni8 system (https://shop.torcman.de/fes-drive-system), carbon propeller 18×11 and all the needed ribs (CNC milled) to install the drive system.
Installation service available on request.